3 dages inspirerende dentalkonference

17. september 2020

Velkommen v./Karen Phillips, Vice President, Ultradent Products, Inc.

The Age of Irrigation v./Dr Renato Miotto Palo

Introduction to Diode Lasers v./Dr. Ron Kaminer

Ultradent History and Philosophy Overview v./ Dr. Dan Fischer, grundlægger og CEO, Ultradent Products, Inc.

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth, So Help me Bond! v./Neil Jessop & Dr. Shea Bess

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18. september 2020

Endodontic Solutions for Success v./Dr. Renato Miotto

Great Composite Results are Easier than You Think v./Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Steps to Implement Laser Dentistry and Beyond v./Dr. Ron Kaminer

Tooth Whitening Today-How to Achieve Predictability v./Dr. Renato Miotto Palo

Privat middag hos Ultradents grundlægger og CEO, Dan Fischer

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19. september 2020

Clearing Up Cementation Choices v./Neil Jessop

Oral Health Begins with Prevention and Caring Treatment v./Dr. Lou Graham

How Diode lasers can be incorporated into almost everything you do every dayv./Dr. Lou Graham

How to grow your practice, big or small v./Dr. Lou Graham

A predictable system for doing profitable direct multiple surface restorationsv./ Dr. Lou Graham

Afslutning v./Dr. Dan Fischer

Om foredragsholderne

Dr. Dan Fischer

Founder & CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc. As a young dentist, Dr. Fischer realized that rapid, profound hemostasis was imperative for quality operative dentistry. Because there were no products on the market that predictably controlled bleeding and sulcular fluid, he developed one. Over three decades later, Dr. Fischer is still revolutionizing the dental industry and regularly lectures and writes articles about state-of-the-art dentistry.

Dr Renato Miotto Palo, Specialist in Endodontics

Dr Palo is a part time professor and part time he works in his clinical practice dedicated on endodontics and bleaching. He chairs two postgraduate programs in Brazil and a PhD degree. His scientific background include published articles, chapters in dental books and scientific awards. Dr. Palo lectured more than 200 presentations in 30 countries and he speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Dr. Ron Kaminer

Internationally known educator, traveling the world lecturing on dental laser technology. He brings to each of his programs a comprehensive knowledge of the most cutting edge technologies in the dental market. He was one of the first 100 dentists in the country to include a hard tissue Dental laser into his practice. Dr. Kaminer practices full time in both his offices in Hewlett and Oceanside N.Y. focusing on Minimally Invasive and Digital Dentistry.

Neil Jessop

Vice President of R&D, Ultradent, has worked in Research and Development since 1992. From 1998 to 2002, he worked in the Bio Materials Research lab at Loma Linda University in California. In 2002, he came to Ultradent and was placed as the head of Ultradent’s R&D department. Since then, he has been able to further research creating the strongest and most durable adhesive in dentistry.

Dr. Shea Bess

Utah native and attended the University of Utah where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in medical biology.He then moved on to dental school at Loma Linda University in southern California and has later on provided dentistry in Fiji and Guatemala. He worked part-time for a few years, with the Navajo Nation to provide dental care to Native Americans in Southern Utah.

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Majored in dentistry at the University of São Paulo and has maintained a private practice since 2001. He’s responsible for the Continuing Education Course on Aesthetics with Direct Composite Resins of FACOP - Sorocaba Center. He specializes in direct composite resin restorations and has taught several workshops on this topic throughout Brazil, and in several countries around the world.

Dr. Graham

Internationally recognized lecturer with focus on incorporating current clinical advancements through “conservative dentistry”. He emphasizes the same concepts he practices: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans for medically compromised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and customized approaches to periodontal care, implants and laser dentistry.  

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